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Roof and Upper Structures

Inspection of the roof, flashings, vents, gutters, exterior chimney’s and attic’s when accessible will be inspected; also conducted will be the investigation of insulation and ventilation.

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Foundation and Lower Structures

Inspections include lot grading and drainage, moisture infiltration, dry rot damage, wood boring insects, siding, decks, porches and out buildings.

Electrical System

During an inspection the electrical panel and all visible wiring, and a reasonable number of fixtures, receptacles and switches will be investigated.


Plumbing System

We will look at the Fixtures, Faucets, Drains, Water Lines and Hot Water supply.

Heating/Cooling & Ventilation Systems

During the inspection process the following things will be investigated:  Energy Conservation, Heat Loss, Skylights, Exterior Windows and Doors, Caulking, Weather Stripping and the heating system itself.

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